We apologise that this is rather late notice, but we are wondering whether anyone is interested in a holiday course next week?

We have become aware that some of our students have become quite anxious due to the COVID lock-down, and that others are exhibiting behavioural issues – some of which could also be sparked by anxiety, even though they may manifest as aggression or depression. As a result, we are offering a brief, simplified course, based on the “Coping Skills Course”, focusing on:

1.      Understanding our feelings:

a.      What causes and affects emotions.

b.      How to achieve self-acceptance (contentment) and self-confidence.

2.      Managing our feelings: self-regulation.

a.      How to respond to stresses that lead to disappointment, frustration, anger, anxiety, fear etc.

b.      How to deal with criticism, injustice, bullying.

3.      Understanding other people and their feelings.

a.      How to understand verbal and non-verbal (body) language (facial expressions, gestures etc.)

b.      How to respond to other people (those who are different, those we do not like and those we think do not like us) with understanding, respect, empathy and thoughtfulness.

4.      Managing relationships with other people. Learning social skills:

a.      Communication

b.      Conflict resolution

c.      Sincerity and honesty

d.      Commitment: keeping promises, loyalty etc.

e.      Apology and restitution

 The course will be hosted at Brain Gains Tutors (182 Harewood Road, Papanui) from Monday 6th – Friday 10th July, from 10:00 – 11:00 each morning.

Cost: $ 60.00 (all materials provided).


Please advise us as soon as possible if you would like your children to attend, as space is limited.

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