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Learn to Read

Making a difference

You have made such a difference for both my girls.  C is now positive about school and has confidence in her abilities whereas before coming to you, she was struggling in the classroom and felt, in her words, "dumb".





J’s school report was amazing and the teacher shared a piece of his writing from earlier in the year to a piece he had done in the later part of the year and the improvement was amazing.


F’s report was also amazing and he is exceeding expectations for Maths and was one of the top students for Maths in his class, thank you so much for encouraging and developing his love of maths.


Colorful Alphabets

Reaching Goals

He is reading at expectation - and is now reading at an 11-12 year old level.

D's maths is also at expectation and is now close to being above average for his age - they normally expect a child to move up 1 level and D. has moved up 3-4 levels. That just goes to show what amazing work you have been doing to help him.



Our son has been working weekly with Wendy and Verity for the last 6 months, and now our daughter has started too. They both enjoy the sessions (our son says they are the best teachers at explaining things!) and we very much appreciate the help. We've definitely seen improvements. And there is no question Wendy and Verity are both very caring and skilled at what they do. 

- Mum of 14 year old boy and 8 year old girl – Christchurch, 28 November 2018

School Supply
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